Didactic Lecture Curriculum

With an emphasis on the pathophysiology of cutaneous disease, the didactic curriculum offers high-quality instructional sessions given by the UCSF Dermatology faculty, visiting faculty, and invited guest lecturers from throughout the United States and beyond. We have transitioned to a curriculum delivered by Zoom.  In addition to the weekly curriculum, residents participate in periodic workshops that allow for deeper dives into special topics such as communication skills, morphology, diversity, equity and inclusion, and procedural skills.  The weekly curriculum is delivered in the following format: 

Continuity Clinic Pre-Clinic Small Group Teaching (30 min, every other week) 

Dermatopathology Unknowns (30 min) 
Topics in Dermatology or Clinical Unknowns Session (50 min) 

Departmental Grand Rounds (50 min)
Clinical Case Viewing and Discussion (60 min) 
Dermatopathology Scope and Didactic Session (90 min)  

Topics in Dermatology or Clinical Unknowns or Journal Club (50 min)

Dermatologic Surgery or Topics in Dermatology (50 min)

The didactic curriculum incorporates a wide range of instructional formats including faculty lectures, unknown sessions, resident-led reviews, multi-headed microscope sessions, journal clubs, and others. 

Sample Residency Monthly Didactic Calendar