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Micrographic Surgery and Dermatologic Oncology Fellowship

Micrographic Surgery and Dermatologic Oncology Fellowship

Siegrid S. Yu, MD - Program Director
Roy C. Grekin, MD - Associate Program Director

The Micrographic Surgery and Dermatologic Oncology Fellowship at the University of California, San Francisco Dermatologic Surgery and Laser Center offers broad training in all clinic aspects of procedural dermatology, as well as ample clinic research opportunities. The program itself has a long history beginning with Theodore “Ted” Tromovitch in the late 1960s. Dr. Tromovitch, along with one of his first fellows and longtime partner Samuel Stegman, are credited with developing the fresh frozen tissue technique that significantly opened up the application of Mohs micrographic surgery and is the basis of how the procedure is performed today. Richard Glogau subsequently joined his mentors Tromovitch and Stegman and remained with the program through 2014. Roy Grekin joined the fellowship program in 1986 and was the Program Director until 2011, earning him the Samuel J. Stegman Award for Distinguished Service. Together, they built up a nationally recognized Procedural Dermatology division, with active clinical services, scholarly activities, clinical and basic science research, and medical student/resident/fellow education. The division has trained more than fifty Mohs surgeons and procedural dermatologists both nationally and internationally over the years, many of whom lead their own academic surgical programs. Today, with four full-time faculty members, the fellowship offers a full range of Mohs micrographic surgery, laser surgery, and cosmetic procedures.

The educational purpose of the fellowship program is to train fellows to practice independently in all aspects of procedural dermatology, including cutaneous oncology, reconstructive surgery, and cosmetic and laser surgery. Under the guidance and supervision of the faculty members, the fellows develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes leading to proficiency in all domains of clinical competency required.

Three micrographic surgery and dermatologic surgery fellowship positions at the UCSF Dermatologic Surgery and Laser Center are approved by the ACGME (Accreditation Counsel for Graduate Medical Education). The duration of the training program is 12 months. Prior to appointment in the program, fellows must have successfully completed an ACGME-accredited residency program in dermatology, or meet other eligibility criteria as specified by the Review Committee. Fellows are selected by the fellowship selection committee based on the merit of their applications and an interview process. We plan to continue to offer fellowships on a yearly basis to two or three post-dermatology residency applicants.

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Core Faculty:
Siegrid S. Yu, MD, Fellowship Director
Roy C. Grekin, MD, Fellowship Associate Director and Division Chief
Isaac Neuhaus, MD, Faculty
Drew Saylor, MD, MPH, Faculty
Daniel Klufas, MD, Faculty

Ayan Kusari, MD
Divya Seth, MD, MPH
Partik Singh, MD, MBA

Please refer to the ACGMEwebsite for eligibility criteria.

To apply for the fellowship please refer to the San Francisco Match website for instructions on how to apply using the Central Application Service (CAS) at SF MATCH.

Please note, our program prefers that one of the three required letters of recommendation come from your Residency Program Director, although this is not required to apply.

The deadline for all applicants is August 15, 2023

Please contact the fellowship coordinator, Mauricio Guerrero, with any questions at [email protected]