Autoimmune Dermatology

Dear Patient,

Welcome to the UCSF Autoimmune Dermatology Clinic webpage, where you can find more information about our clinical practice. 

In the Autoimmune Dermatology Clinic, it is our goal to provide cutting-edge care to patients with complex rheumatologic and autoimmune conditions affecting the skin.  Referral from another dermatologist or rheumatologist is typically required to establish care in this practice.

Patients Seen in this Practice

This practice is for the evaluation of patients with autoimmune disorders, including:

  • Connective Tissue Diseases (Lupus Erythematosus, Dermatomyositis, Morphea, and Scleroderma)
  • Various forms of Vasculitis
  • Immunobullous Diseases

Requirements to Be Seen

New patients must be physician referred and copies of the physician's referral letter, biopsy, and lab reports will need to be faxed to: 415.353.9654, with “Attn: Annie,” before making an appointment. Documents must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the first visit.

In order to provide a thorough and comprehensive evaluation, our clinic needs a packet of information at least three weeks prior to the first visit including: 

-Name and address of primary dermatologist 
-Name and address of PCP 
-Name and address of rheumatologist when applicable 
-Last dermatologist progress note 
-Last PCP progress note 
-If applicable last rheumatologist progress note 
-All labs from the last 6 months 
-Any prior rheum labs (serologies) 
-All skin biopsies relevant to the condition 
-Any other imaging (CT scan, MRI) or procedures (pulmonary function tests, EMG) relevant to the condition 
-Insurance authorization for consultation (CPT 99205), First shave biopsy (CPT 11102), each additional shave biopsy (CPT 11103), first punch biopsy (CPT 11104), each additional punch biopsy (CPT11105), and injections (CPT 11900) 


In the Autoimmune Dermatology Clinic, we typically see patients for a 15-30-minute visit 1-4 times per year while the need persists. We need to be able to collaborate with local providers to ensure patients receive adequate care and labs/testing between visits to our practice. When the disease is stabilized, we will discharge patients from our practice back to their local providers. For this reason, we require that each patient established care with a local dermatologist and a local primary care doctor who will collaborate in providing comprehensive ongoing care. 

  • Patients are seen at 1701 Divisadero Street, 4th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94115
  • To make an appointment, call 415-353-7800
    • Ask for the "Autoimmune clinic”
Anna Haemel

Anna Haemel, MD

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